Snowberry (Emma)

November 18, 2016

Emma Snowberry slept all the way home with only a few very, short whiney times before she fell right back to sleep. She became more and more playful during the times I played with her in my back yard yesterday and then tired out, she’d fall asleep in my arms before I put her into her crate, leaving the door open. By night time I think she got use to it. She fell asleep in my arms late evening before I placed her in the crate and shut the door. She awoke at 10:30PM and I took her outside and then slept through until 6AM! She is SO smart! She doesn’t like any of the small treats I bought for training reinforcement but responds wonderfully to just the verbal praise. Will come running when I clap and stops what she’s about to do when I say “ah,ah”. Only 1 accident in the house; already going towards the door when she needs to go outside. She really scared herself this morning when she barked for the first time in her excitement to go back outside to play 😊  She is such a delight and I couldn’t be more happy with my new companion.

Thanks to all your family,

Jeannie W