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About the F1b Bernedoodle breed.

Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs were crossed to create the hybrid known as the Bernedoodle. While the Poodle was developed in Germany and France, the Bernese Mountain Dog was developed in Switzerland.


Breeding an F1 Bernedoodle back to a purebred Poodle produces F1B Bernedoodles. Typically, this is done to increase the hypoallergenicity of the next generation. This results in a dog that is 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese. The Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog were crossed to create the Bernedoodle. The puppy's height and weight can therefore vary greatly. Breeders can choose from the toy, miniature, or standard poodles. Standard sizes range from 23 to 29 inches and 70 to 90 pounds. Small: 15-20"; 25-49 lbs. 10-14" and 10-24 lbs. for toys.


Because of their hypoallergenic coats, Bernedoodles are well renowned for them. Because Bernedoodle coats are frequently curly and wavy, they shed very little. Regular brushing and trimming are necessary for curly coats to avoid tangling. The most popular color combinations for Bernedoodles are black, black and brown, black and white, or black, white, and brown. F1b Bernedoodles can come in a variety of colors. Due to the crossbreed nature of the bred, which results in each litter having genetically distinct parents, each F1b Bernedoodle's appearance might change.


F1b Bernedoodles in Kentucky are very intelligent, devoted, and kind-hearted. It's crucial to socialize children as early as possible because they may be distrustful of strangers.


The F1b Bernedoodle puppy has a generally friendly and playful nature. They get along well with young people and like spending a lot of time with their human families. You'll notice that they struggle when left alone for extended periods since they require a constant, close connection to their human family. Because they are sociable and kind, F1b Bernedoodles are lovely family pets. With the proper training, the F1b Bernedoodle can function as a therapy dog thanks to the Poodle parent's high level of intellect.


Mild upkeep is required for F1b Bernedoodles. Brushing your F1b Bernedoodle a few times a week is advised because the Bernese parent contributes to frequent and seasonal shedding of all coat types. When necessary, bathing is recommended. For the curly and wavy-coated canines, F1b Bernedoodles shed very little, but the straight-coated kind, which is less popular, sheds slightly more. Your routine should include regular dental cleanings, eye exams, and ear cleanings.


F1b Bernedoodle puppies tend to be a little bit headstrong. As a result, it's crucial to begin socializing and training with your Bernedoodle puppy as soon as possible. When training your F1b Bernedoodle, speak in a firm, clear voice with a loving, encouraging tone. They are incredibly intelligent and have an eagerness to please disposition, which makes training them simpler. Although they might need a few repetitions of your instructions, young puppies typically easily respond to commands. Give your dog meaty, bite-sized goodies and lots of positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior and obedience. Because F1b Bernedoodles are very sensitive to your tone and attitude, being harsh with them will make them run away from you.


The crossbreed known as the F1b Bernedoodle is moderately energetic. It is advised to move, play, and interact daily. Since an F1b Bernedoodle's natural stride is a slow trot, most people should have little trouble walking one.

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