The Advance Reservations Page

This list keeps track of everyone who's put down a deposit for a puppy. It's our way of knowing who's ready for a future puppy and helps us organize who gets to pick a puppy next.

Customer List

05-16-24 Diana P 2 Deposits for 1st choice on 2 Females
05/20/2024 Jill Rouskey Deposit for 1st choice Dark Red Male
5/21/2024 Patrick LeVeque Deposit for 1st Deposit Female Bernedoodle

~ Thank-you!

Advance Reservation Policies

  F1 Bernedoodles $1175                                                         F1b Bernedoodles $975                                              F1-F1b Goldendoodles $775

Our Waiting List is designed for both upcoming litters (yet-to-be-born puppies) and existing litters whose puppies are too young to be selected by their future owners. (Selection happens when puppies reach around 3 weeks of age.) To secure a spot on this list, we ask for a deposit of $400.00. Upon receipt of your deposit, your name will be added to our Waiting List (detailed below). We offer a 50% refund on deposits for any reason, acknowledging the uncertainty of securing a puppy in the future. We respect your decision to seek a puppy elsewhere or for any other change of heart, offering a half refund of your deposit in these instances ($200.00 from a $400.00 deposit). Once a puppy is chosen, the deposit is fully committed and non-refundable. The order of the reservations follows the sequence of deposit submissions.