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About the F1 Bernedoodle breed.

To develop the hybrid known as the Bernedoodle, Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs were crossed. The Bernese Mountain Dog was developed in Switzerland, while the Poodle was developed in Germany and France.


A Poodle and a Bernese mountain dog were bred to create the First Generation (F1) Bernedoodle. These puppies are a 50/50 mix of Bernese mountain dogs and poodles. The F1 Bernedoodle hybrid includes Standard and Mini Bernedoodles. The Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog were crossed to create the Bernedoodle. As a result, the puppy's height and weight can vary substantially. Breeders have a choice of standard, miniature, or toy poodles. Standard weights and sizes range from 70 to 90 pounds and 23 to 29 inches. Small: 15-20 "; 25-49 lbs. 10-14 "and toys weigh 10–24 lbs.


F1 Bernedoodles in Kentucky are well known for their hypoallergenic coats, which they have. F1 Bernedoodles shed very little since their coats are typically curly and wavy. Curly coats require routine brushing and cutting to prevent tangling. Black, black and brown, black and white, black, white, and brown are the most common color schemes for F1 Bernedoodles. Different colors are possible for F1 Bernedoodles. Each F1 Bernedoodle's look is subject to change because of the breed's crossbreeding aspect, which results in each litter having genetically unique parents.


F1 Bernedoodle puppies are extremely smart, devoted, and kind. Children should be socialized as early as possible since they might be wary of strangers.


The F1 Bernedoodle is typically outgoing and energetic. They enjoy spending a lot of time with their human families and get along well with children. You'll notice that they have trouble being left alone for long periods because they need to be in close contact with their human family all the time. F1 Bernedoodles make wonderful family pets since they are friendly and compassionate. Due to the high intelligence of the Poodle parent, the F1 Bernedoodle can perform as a therapy dog with the proper training.


F1 Bernedoodles puppies in kentucky require only minimal maintenance. Because the Bernese parent contributes to frequent and seasonal shedding of all coat types, brushing your F1 Bernedoodle a few times a week is encouraged. Bathing is advised when required. F1 Bernedoodles shed extremely little on puppies with curly or wavy coats, but the less common straight-coated variety sheds a little more. Regular eye checkups, dental cleanings, and ear cleanings should all be a part of your schedule.


Puppies of F1 Bernedoodles frequently exhibit a slight headstrongness. The importance of starting socialization and training with your Bernedoodle puppy as soon as possible can't be overstated. Speak in a firm, clear voice with a caring, encouraging tone when training your F1 Bernedoodle. They are incredibly bright and have a personality they want to please, making teaching them easier. Although they might need to hear your instructions a few times, young pups usually obey commands with no problems. Give your dog plenty of meaty, bite-sized treats to promote excellent behaviour and obedience. Being harsh with F1 Bernedoodles will drive them to flee from you because they are susceptible to your tone and manners.


The F1 Bernedoodle is a crossbreed that has a medium level of energy. Daily exercise, play, and social interaction are suggested. The typical speed of an F1 Bernedoodle is a slow trot, so most people shouldn't have any trouble walking one.

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