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Owners: Joseph & Kathy Shrock, Dunnville, KY - (606) 787-2234

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We the (Joseph & Kathy) Shrock family have enjoyed raising Goldendoodles since 2006 as a family business and hobby. We raise primarily Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles and occasionally some Aussiedoodles and we just love it, Doodles usually have such a sweet disposition and its no wonder they make so many families very happy!

Your Puppy will come home with LOTS of LOVE! They are used to being played and socialized by our children!

We try to take good care of our dogs and puppies to ensure you receive a quality and healthy puppy, before they come home with you they will have their first shots, a health record and a vet check up. Contact us today if you would like to join our growing list of happy and satisfied customers.

We are also New Testament Christians similar to Baptists


We as a family confess Jesus Christ as God and Lord and Saviour and the only hope of Salvation for the world, we believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, the one and only rule for mankind. We believe that only those who put their faith and trust in Jesus as Lord and follow him whole heartedly will be the only ones to enjoy His presence forever in eternity after death, all others with absolutely no exception will suffer the fires of hell eternally.

We therefore urge and plead with you to turn away from this sinful world and repent any of your ways that are contrary to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, put your complete faith in Him – Be baptized and then take up your cross, following Him daily by obeying the gospel, quietly enduring all and any abuse that the ignorant may heap on you and work along with a church that is faithful to the bible bring others to faith and repentance, teaching them to observe everything Christ taught – and you will be rewarded with the glorious crown of life eternal in Heaven forever !!

If you desire prayer for your salvation please feel free to contact us, we would love to talk with you and help you find true peace and salvation in Jesus!

  • Abigail is our main nursery caretaker, she does a suburb job in making sure that each puppy goes home in the best health possible for you! She does most of all the vaccines, dewormings and microchipping. Abby also loves helping Mom in her flower garden and fixing bouquets!

  • Benjamin helps with kennel maintenance, helping to keep our sire and dams pens clean and fresh with shavings. He also loves his dog Jassie and his horses. He is very handy with almost anything and is a big blessing around the Kennels.

  • Hannah also helps with the Sires and Dams making sure they are fed and watered properly. She also helps with bedding and keeping everything clean around here! She loves her dog Winifred and also enjoys helping her older sister Sara with her Bakery in town and helping Mom with flowers.

  • Rebecca helps along as she can with the puppies, socializing them and keeping them happy! She also loves taking care of her little nephew, Isreal.

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We are located near: Dunnville, KY 42528