Sarge (Snowball)

March 19, 2017

Snowball is now almost 6 months old and is weighing every bit of 50lbs if not more. At 4 months old he weighed 42lbs. His lip has completely heeled. He is so full of energy and incredibly stubborn…but we love him any way! He is like the class clown! Fits right in with our family! Lol!! He has learned sit, down, and come. He hasn’t mastered potty training, but we are working on that still.

He has become best friends with our jack Russell sassy. She is roughly 10 yrs old. 4 years ago we lost our dog chance. Him and sassy had grown up together…she became a little down after that. When snowball came home she came to life. She has never played with toys…now she plays tug of war with snowball!! He has brought so much laughter to our life!! We love him and couldn’t be happier!!

Thank you,
Melissa J