Phoenix (Remington)

May 5, 2014

I just thought I would give you another quick update on Remington ( aka phoenix). We went into the vet today to get his last set of shots and everything still checked out good. Several weeks ago he did test positive for giardia, a week or 2 after his first exam at our vet we took in fecal test and it came back positive for it. We have since given him meds to have it cleared up and while were not sure if he got it there or somewhere here, he has been doing fine since the meds and will go back in 6 months to have another test done to make sure its gone. Overall hes doing excellent and my vet is very impressed on how well he is developing. Attached are some pictures of him we took today. We were getting ready to put the flag outside an he decided to help. As you can see hes getting huge! He weighed in at almost 26 lbs today  🙂

Michelle L