Josie at 1 year

June 4, 2024

Hi there, I wanted to give you an update on Josie (originally Cotton) at just over one year.

She has been an absolute delight. She is the most social, outgoing and smart dog we’ve had. She is very athletic and energetic but not manic or destructive except for her puppy fixation on shredding paper napkins and tennis shoe insoles. I did think she would NEVER get potty training during the first few months but that could have been our training and not her. She’s a champ now with no accidents in many months.

Without fail, any time we go anywhere at least one person will comment on how pretty or sweet she is. No one or animal is a stranger. When my family roughhouses with her, she matches their energy and enthusiasm. When we are quiet, lazy or sleepy, she is there to cuddle, snuggle and relax.

I never would have expected my wife Sheroll would become so attached to Josie. Sheroll is allergic to most everything – pollens, grasses and such but mostly to animals. Anything with fur will trigger watery eyes, hives and asthma problems. Josie is the exception – she can nuzzle Sheroll’s face and even cuddle in our bed without triggering any allergy problems. I was skeptical at first but, for us, the hypoallergenic nature of the breed is 100% real.

A quick question: Josie is unnaturally gentle when taking any kind of treat from your hand. About half of the time she takes it so gently that is drops from her mouth to the ground. At times with a small treat I will giver it a little poke into her mouth so she doesn’t drop it. I have NEVER had or seen any dog be so unaggressive in taking treats. It doesn’t seem like timidity or fear – just gentleness. I theorized that your children cared for or played with the puppies as they grew and taught them to be gentle in taking treats from hands. I guess it could just be Josie’s disposition but I think it was training.

I feel so fortunate that we found Blessed Hope Kennels. Josie is as close to a perfect dog as I can imagine. The drive from Louisville wasn’t bad (around 2 hours) although the ride home with a car sick pup was. It was small investment in time and paper towels for such a great blessing she has been. I am attaching a few photos of our beautiful Josie.

Take care and God bless.

Tony C

Here is Cotton when she was just a puppy.

Cotton is a F1b Bernedoodle (Female), Born May 11, 2023
She is now 1 year, 1 month, 1 week old.