Roger (Simon)

January 2, 2016

This sweet boy is two years old today. What a blessing he has been to us. Simon is 65 pounds of preciousness. When he was 8 months, he was hit by a car in our own driveway when he ran after his brother Rudy. He suffered a broken hip and had surgery to pin it in place. Luckily that was all the damage. But 12 weeks of rehab and sedation was not enough as the pins became dislocated and he had a lot of pain again. He had a second surgery called an FHO where the ball of the femur connecting his leg to his hip was removed. That was 13 months ago. He had a long road to recovery with lots of hard work, including walking hills, leg weights, PT, underwater treadmill, electric stimulation therapy, stretchy bands, and lots else. Progress was slow but steady. In May of last year, 6 months after the Second surgery, we had a pool put in. He was a like a fish in water, and it worked wonders to strengthen those muscles and rebuild. We call him our Kentucky Wonder Boy. What Kentucky boy doesn’t love to swim?

You would never know now that he was injured. He is as sweet and loving as they come – and as spoiled too!!! Thanks for giving us this little bundle of joy!!! He makes us laugh and smile every day.

~ Kim T