Arlington (Wash)

March 14, 2016

My husband or I will not likely forget the level of professionalism your daughters exhibited when we picked him up. They handled everything beautifully. I also truly appreciate the work your son put in the week before we picked him up. I’m convinced he laid a successful foundation for Arlington Washburn Wilson, called “Wash” most of the time, but also “The Mop”, “Pups”, and “Bubba.” We only had a couple of potty accidents that were totally the human’s fault.
Wash is everything and more than what I imagined. He is smart and incredibly sweet, he is teaching me patience and discipline, and he is my heart dog.
We immediately enrolled in puppy class the week after we brought him home and we just completed basic manners in February. He is the ideal dog in public, everyone loves him, and he loves them right back without ever being fearful. We’re still learning how to communicate on some things like barking at the unknown, but he is more than often wanting to please.
His favorite command is “Touch” where he follows your hand with his nose. It’s fun and also extremely helpful when he needs a distraction. I take him to the groomer for haircuts, and give him baths in between visits. I’m trying to use positive association to teach him that nail clipping isn’t really that bad. This summer I hope to take him on more hikes in the woods, camping, and to see if he’ll swim.
I hope you and your dogs are doing well! Some recent photos below.
Warm regards,
Ashley W