Sunflower (Bella)

December 19, 2010

She is WONDERFUL!! I call her Bella. She is just delightful. So smart! She rings the bells when she needs to go outside to potty. She never has any accidents no matter how long I need to leave her in the house. Bella does not shed at all! My home does not look or smell as though I have a large puppy living in here with me.

I live alone; I am not afraid anymore now that I have her here with me. She alerts me to anyone on the property. She is somewhat protective and very outgoing. She is not shy, timid, aggressive, or obnoxious! Bella learns quicker than any puppy/dog that I have ever owned. I do not have the money to get her face trimmed up so I have been doing it myself. This is why I have not sent any more pics. I believe the next closing I have I will take her to the groomer. Then I will take pics and send them to you so you can see just how beautiful she has become…..

Wishing you a blessed Holiday!
Susan W