PollyAnna (Zander)

December 14, 2015

First of all Zander is great.  Best dog we have ever had.  EVER!  We think he needs a friend.  He wants to play a lot and I think he gets lonely when we aren’t here.  We would love to have a Bernedoodle.  Not sure if they come hypo-allergenic, but that is what Zander is, f1b,  and my boys have no allergies with him.  I am not good with computers but will try and send you a pic soon.  We love him so much.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
~ Shani M

Feb 09, 2014: Zander is wonderful. Have been meaning to send you an email. We love him so much. Plan on sending you a picture soon. He weighs 40 pounds now. I have been negligent in registering the chip but plan on doing that this week. It’s on My to do list. He is the best dog I’ve ever had. So smart. He is pretty much potty trained and even tells us when he needs to go out. Learned the sit command after one week of being here. Then learned to shake the second week. He also knows what drop means. And the command down. So smart!!! Thanks for asking about him and we will send a picture soon. Thanks