Patience (Sadie Rae)

October 14, 2014

Little Patience is now sweet Sadie Rae (and not so little!). She’s adapting well to life in GA and will soon be relocating with me to New York where she will have her own personal yard in the city of Manhattan! How lucky is she?? She’ll even have a dog park 2 blocks away to play in as well. Her potty training is slowly progressing. She occasionally has accidents in the house, but knows to still go outside too. The only difficulty with the training is she does not seem to “ask” to go out. She is such a sweet, playful girl and loves affection. I couldn’t be happier. Attached you will find some pictures of her growing up. She is now over 36 lbs and growing fast! Thanks for checking in and hope you’re all doing well.


Zachary G