July 12, 2015

He is incredible! From the moment I took him from your arms at the airport this dog has been such a good sport.  I flew with him in-cabin (under the seat) and he was as good as gold. He never made a peep and slept almost the entire way.   When we arrived home, three hours and forty five minutes from our departure in Louisville, he was happy to get out of the carry-on but was a gem with no incidences the entire way.  Flying with him was as easy as can be. For anyone who may do the same, I would suggest getting the shortest flight time as most flights have layovers.  I do think if I did it a week or more later he may not have been as comfortable under the seat.  He was 8 weeks to the day when we flew.  These puppies grow fast.   Be sure to check with the airline you travel.

He has acclimated so well to his new home.  His potty training has been incredible as well. He hasn’t had a mess.  He sleeps in his crate and is happy to go in there with no issue.  By the second week he began sleeping through the night (10:00 p.m. – 5:30 ish), which is incredible.  We had several young children over the 4th holiday weekend and he was delighted with them and played so sweetly; it is as if, he knew they were little ones like him.  He enjoys company, going out on the boat and is content in the car as well.  He’s simply a good sport about everything.

His disposition is gentle, he’s bright and polite (yes, polite, he eats at such a calm slow pace and waits patiently).

He has been such a gift to us and has made our home a more fun, loving, welcoming place.

Thank you. I can only think he must have come from the sweetest parents and an exemplary human home.


UPDATE 2020 Awe…it’s the perfect time to bring a puppy home. Well we are interested in another puppy, so once “ this” passes, I’ll have to get myself to Kentucky. Pastor is doing wonderful.

He’s a beautiful creature and brings so much joy.
Happy to hear that your daughter made it home.
Be well,