Mayia is a very social puppy

July 8, 2020

Thanks for checking in! Mayia (now Ellie) is doing great adjusting to her new home! She only cried for about 3 minutes in the car when we picked her up and after that she felt right at home. She’s a great puppy with a TON of personality and energy! She sleeps entirely through the night (usually about 10pm to 5:45am) before she has to go out to potty. She’s getting the potty training slowly but surely. So far we’ve had a few accidents in the house but she’s getting to a point now where she will run to the door when she has to go potty to let us know, so we’re making progress! We’re also in the process of teaching her simple commands like “sit”, and learning her name, and she loves the treats she gets when she nails it!
She is also a very social puppy and is interested in everything around her. We can definitely tell that you all at Blessed Hope did a fantastic job of socializing her and getting her used to other people and playing. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the great job you did in breeding and raising her in her early weeks of life!
Thank you again for helping us to add a wonderful member to our family. Ellie is wonderful, she’s already greatly loved in our house, and we love every second with her!

Chris M