June 30, 2020

Good Morning! He is doing great and we are loving the addition to our family. He seems to have adjusted well so far. We have tried to be consistent with the potty training as well as the crate training and we have been surprised at how well he is doing so far. All three of us have been consistent with taking him out hourly, positive reinforcement and appropriate amount of crate time while sleeping. He has gotten comfortable with the crate and it seems to provide him his very own space as he goes in and out. We’ve worked on a few commands but our main focus is potty training and crate training. He’s getting more comfortable and exploring a little more each day. I told my husband that I had forgotten what it felt like to have a baby in the home as it’s been many years since I got up nightly for bathroom breaks. 🙂

We have completed the wafer order and I just registered the microchip. He has his first visit with the new vet on Monday.
Thanks again as we have all fallen in love with him and are excited to add a pet to our family.
Have a blessed day!
~ Ginger