Jacklin (Stella)

November 12, 2016

Hey guys! Just wanted to send you an update on our puppy we got from you back in 2016 🙂 today is her 4th birthday! She was originally Jacklin- now Stella, from Professor & Joliet ❤️

Dec 30, 2016 She is doing great and has been an absolute blessing to our family. She’s only had two accidents potty training in the week we have had her. We have began crate training and she does well and makes it about 4-5 hours nightly before fussing. But after a trip outside and mid morning playtime, she sleeps another couple hours. She is doing well with her Royal Canin food.
She has such a sweet and soft disposition. So subtle and gentle. She seems to know the difference in playing with Me and then playing with our 3 year old daughter.
We honestly cannot thank you enough for her. We can tell that a lot of love and care come with your puppy and we will forever be grateful.
~ Cody.
So sleepy after playing with the kids.
“Mommy and Daddy. She is the best doggy ever”
Ms Stella with her blanket you provided. She naps and sleeps with it everyday.