September 11, 2009


Hope your summer is treating you well. I was looking online and saw that you moved to Tennessee. Hope you had a safe and uneventful move. We just sold our house and will be moving out in a few weeks. We plan on staying with my parents for a bit, while we look for a house on the lake. Other than that, we are doing well, and LOVING our puppy. Barley is an awesome dog. He is doing so good and has grown up SO FAST. He LOVES the water!! He plays in my moms kiddie pool at her house and has claimed it as his territory when he is there, ha-ha Yes, he might be a little spoiled, being the only child in our house. He forgets he has to share when we are not home! He also loves the boat rides and the lake, and always has to run through the water sprinkler when I have it on for the yard. His favorite though is the walk at the park where he can jump through the river side to side!! We took him to puppy classes the month of May at the local Pet Supplies Plus. He did very well, and it helped both Matt and I get on the same page with the commands. We try to work with him every day, so he is doing very good, we plan on taking him to agility classes when he is a little older. He loves to go on walks and be busy so I think agility will be right up is alley. Well I just wanted to write and say hi and give you a little update. Thanks again for the wonderful puppy, we just adore him. He makes us laugh all the time!!

I have attached a couple pictures!

Take care,

Amber H