Grape (Stella)

April 20, 2020

We have given Grape the name Stella. She is now Stella Rose Breedlove. She is doing so well and has been such a blessing to our family! Potty training is going great! She is about 99% accident free in the house. She knows how to sit, shake, shake with the other paw, lay down, roll over, and we are working on stay. She is a very smart girl! Stella learned all those tricks in less than a week. (Except for stay, stay is a little more tricky for her because she likes to be right by our sides wherever we are in the house or outside.) We are so grateful to have gotten her! She is such a great addition to our family! She loves walks, playing fetch, chewing on sticks, playing chase, playing with all her toys, and naps. We love her so very much!!!
Kelly, Bryon, Mackynzie, and Brodie B