Goldwin (Darwin)

January 2, 2018

Today our “puppy” (previously Goldwin) is a year old.  Thought we’d share a pic.  Although we thought he’d come in around 50#, he’s a very healthy 67#.  We renamed him Darwin because he is so smart.  He was potty trained very quickly and got his AKC S.TA.R. Puppy Certificate at 5 months.  He’s had the run of our home for many months and has been a very good boy.  We are continuing his obedience training and still have hopes to make him a therapy when he’s a little more mature. Definitely very energetic!  Loves our dog park and playing in our Wisconsin snow!  We love him very much and he will of course be a forever dog to us.

Terrie & Al G
Minocqua, WI