Gladys (Finley)

January 10, 2017

Gladys now aka “Finley” now is doing good! She is very playful and loves to be by our side at all times. We are still struggling with crate training her – getting her to be okay in her crate at night and when we leave to run errands. She HATES the crate. She truly just wants to sleep in bed with us.
Potty training is progressing. She seems to have have the concept down of going #2 outside and still working on her understanding about #1. We are sure in due time she will get it. In the meantime, we are trying to keep her on a feeding schedule and taking her outside regularly, while we reward her every time she relieves herself outside.
She experienced snow recently and loved playing in it. We are have fun learning more about her but overall she is settling in nicely here.
image1.JPGimage2.JPGimage3.JPG~ Joy R