Fido (Sheriff)

November 10, 2010

Hello!! I hope the holiday season is treating you and your family well. Since its the perfect time for sharing love with others I thought I d drop you a note to let you know much love you’ve helped bring into my family. I purchased Fido in early May and quickly renamed him Sheriff. He is everything you promised: healthy and happy as can be! I can t believe it. His coat is fluffy and soft but he doesn’t shed a hair! Not to mention he is the best looking golden doodle I ve ever met. At around nine months, he is roughly 50 lbs and has had no major health problems.

Wow he is a bundle of energy and such a little troublemaker! He fits right in! Like all little boys he is always an adventure, but I could not ask for a more affectionate and loyal dog. He is like my little shadow! He follows me around the house and hates being more than a few feet away from me. As a college student, I spend a lot of time studying and he spends a lot of time asleep at the desk under my feet. He loves people more than any dog I’ve ever met. Even at the dog park all he wants to do is make friends with the other owners. He doesn’t have a mean or aggressive bone in his body. My vet says he has never seen a dog and owner with such a strong bond. When Sheriff gets scared at the doctor, he presses his head to my chest and won t go away from me. When I try to drop him off at the kennel, he hides behind my legs and refuses to leave my side.

But he isn’t just a little charmer. He is also useful. His greatest claim to fame is the time when my neighbors had a fire. Sheriff was the perfect alarm! He woke me up and insisted we go outside. There was smoke everywhere.Thankfully everything was fine but no matter what happened my puppy was going to help keep me safe. He is also good at catching mice at my mothers house!

He has had extensive training and his trainers always remark on how smart and easy to train he is. He has always been the star in his classes. That said we are working hard together because I want him to become a certified therapy dog. I think he d be just perfect to work with the elderly and special needs children because he is hypoallergenic and so affectionate. He can t take the test for a few more months but when he passes we will be sure to send you an email and photo for your website.

Thank you so much for helping me find my best friend. I always joke with my parents that Sheriff has ruined my chances of ever getting married because I ll never find a man who is as loyal and loving as my dog.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Lisa and Sheriff L