Charmer (Oliver)

April 8, 2011

April 8-2011
I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our GoldenDoodle.  He is the most beautiful dog.  We changed his name from Charmer to Oliver.   My kids love this dog. He has the best disposition.  He is loveable and friendly.   I can give him a bath and he just stands there and does not fight me.  He has the best fur.  I cannot tell you how soft and fluffy he is.  I get stopped all around my neighborhood by people telling me what I beautiful dog I have.  All the kids love him. My neighbors boys come and borrow him to play with.    It was so nice to work with you on getting him. He arrived as you said and he was in perfect condition.   You were a pleasure to buy a dog from.  I am hoping my Mother will get a dog from you this July when she returns from vacation.    Anyway, I cannot thank you enough.  My kids and husband are in love with this dog as am I.

PS I think my husband wants a second in a year so do not retire Prince just yet.

Pascale (Sheehan) L CPA

Jan 2011 I am sending some photos of Charmer. …. All the kids are running around with him.  He has a play mate (that other goldendoodle across the street) that loves to play with him.   My husband absolutely loves him.  I teased him and told him the boys across the street wanted him for the night and he was so upset. He wanted that dog back and made up some excuse about training and such.    He is very cute and very soft.   He is the best  addition to our family.   I am really glad we got him.  It was nice dealing with you. You were very honest, easy to work with  and gave us a great dog.    We called him Oliver,   Charmer is his middle name. Thanks so much for everything.   Should we want a friend, I will give you a call.
Regards,  Pascale