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Mr. And Mrs. Shrock,        4/5/2015
We have renamed Galaxia Josie. Josie is a great puppy. She sleeps in her crate all night (7 hours). From day one, Josie liked her crate. Her potty training is going very well; she continues to have a few accidents but we have had her only 9 days and are very pleased with her progress. She is learning to walk with a leash.
Josie has been to our vet, she got a good health report, she is current on her immunizations and she has another appointment later this month for her rabies. He suggested that we consider spaying her a little prior to eight months. The time we spent in the waiting room at the vet, she was VERY well behaved even though there were other dogs present. She never barked, cowered or misbehaved in any way.
Josie is very, very gentle, very bright and loves her family. Her favorite thing is for her Mike and me to be in the room with her surrounded by her three favorite toys. Then she will nap or play. We try to schedule play times for her in the yard two times a day when she loves to run, jump and fetch. Today being Easter, we had our grown children and grandchildren for dinner after church. Some family members she had not met yet and she made up with them in no time. Josie has never been anything but loving and gentle...never.
Josie has a good appetite; we have kept her on Royal Canin and she has never begged from the table. She is a beautiful dog in every way. We are so happy that Josie chose us. She really did. She was in your portable pen with her two litter mates and she was the only puppy of the three that paid attention to us. She stood on her hind legs the whole time, tail wagging and giving kisses. Josie chose us and we know it. As I write this, she is sleeping at my husband's feet.
As you can tell, we love Josie very much. She is a beautiful companion. Thank you.
March 2016

Hi Shrock family!    Jambalaya, now Sophia is doing great! Charlie our 10 month old that we got from you guys now weighs 56 pounds and is nothing but pure love. They both were pretty much potty trained when we got them home. Charlie is great with Sophia, he's so gentle! Everyone stops us anywhere we go with the two. Charlie graduated from training at petsmart a week ago, and we just registered Sophia's microchip!
Thank you guys so much!.              The Joerger's
May 2016

This puppy loves to fly and we can literally take him anywhere. He is one happy puppy and we are still so thankful for him.

-Flagg Family
June 2017
Hello!! Bernedoodle Birdie is doing very well! She's loving life and her tail is always wagging! We take her everywhere with us, and every person we see stops us to meet her! She gets lots of attention from everyone, and she absolutely loves it! At night when I put her in her crate and I disappear from her vision, she whines but she has gotten better about it! Potty training is going okay. We took her to the vet the Monday after we got her, and our vet gave me some tips on how to potty train her but they haven't worked as good as I had hoped.Thank you!
Thank you very much. We love our boy (Jacinto)!  We named him Teddy after Teddy Roosevelt, the name fits him! 
Chase Fairchild
Jadan is wonderful! Berkeley our 4 year old from prince and Juliet liter has accepted him and they are the best of friends now!:) Jadan has been named Bingley and he is growing like a weed. Last week at the vet he was 15 and a half pounds!! He still has a few accidents in the house but he is getting better! He is very smart, loving, and playful. I will definitely register his chip I totally forgot about it! Here is a picture too with Berkeley!Bingley(11weeks) Berkeley (4years)!
Mar 2017
Hey, this is Sully Bear formally Zeno. He has a birthday tomorrow!! He is pretty spoiled and doesn't know that he is a puppy. He is sooo easy going and is ready to go anytime the wheels roll.
Heather F
Jan 2017

Hi Shrock family! We absolutely love Glenda so much!! 
We are adjusting very well!  Glenda's new name is Angelica-BellaReese, named after her daddy, Reese!  We call her BellaReese.  We will always call her our "Angel-Glenda" too!

She is so adorable!!

We took her to our Vet and he fell in love with her and held her for 30 minutes. My husband registered the microchip and we have received our first order of NuVet wafers. Pottytraining is going AWESOME for only 9 weeks old.  We are amazed at how intelligent she is!  She catches on really quick to everything!  She LOVES her crate at night and occasional playpin during the day!  She sleeps 7 to 8 hours every night, which is amazing!  We are very thankful!
We are teaching her to COME/SIT.  She basically already knows it!  We are also working on STAY, LEAVE IT, and LOOK AT ME.  She started Puppy Preschool Saturday and did AWESOME!! BellaReese is very gentle, playful and loving and she loves everyone and everyone loves her!  She goes everywhere with us!  We love her so much!  She is doing very, very well!

We can't thank you enough for the blessing and friendship of you're precious family and our Angel-Glenda/Angelica-"BellaReese"

The Greer family ❤
Feb 2017
Hello. This is Debbie Pittman's daughter. We have renamed Zabrina. Her name is Livi! She is the best ever! Potty training is going well. She is ringing a bell to potty. She is so smart! We are in love! :)

Morgan Pittman
SEPT 2017
Bingley aka Jadan is my precious baby!! He is so smart and huge now!:) I love watching Bingley and Berkeley grow up together! Y'all definitely have the best goldendoodles cause my boys prove it!!!
Mary Panell
Hello Heidi,

It's great to hear from you.
We are doing well, thank you.
I hope all is well with you and you're family!

Bella Reece is doing great! I can hardly believe that her 1 year old birthday party is coming up soon.
She is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She is very gentle, loving and playful. What we love most about her is that she loves ALL of us equally. She shares her love between all 4 of us so beautifully. She loves to ride with us wherever we go. We enjoy being with her all the time. We take her to parks, pep rally's, football games, a gourmet bakery for dogs, Petsmart, etc.Occasionally, she goes to the daycare for dogs to play with her friends.
I am happy to tell you, Bella Reece has almost completely stopped jumping up on us when we get home from being away from her for a few hours. She is also doing much better about not jumping up on people which we are very thankful for. She is completely potty trained. She goes to the door and barks everytime she wants to go outside. She never has accidents inside. Praise the Lord.She is the only dog I have ever had that is fully potty trained and we are very, very thankful. We just recently got new PergoMax flooring and she loves it!  It has some texture and is not as slippery as some. We are amazed because we have NOT found any dog hair on the floor now that she's a bit older. Bella Reece is full of personality. She is beautiful and enthusiastic just like her name meaning says.
She makes us laugh and smile a lot every day!😂 She has brought so much joy into our home and we couldn't be happier with her.Well, I could go on and on about this precious bundle of joy....
Thank you again for our beautiful, fluffy humanlike teddy bear!!
We are truly blessed!
Thank you for staying in touch!
Liana Greer
Welcome to Blessed Hope Kennels !
Your puppy will come with its' • First shots • Dewormed • Vet examination • Microchiped • CKC registration papers • You will recieve a small pak of its' puppy food, Health Record, Written 1 Yr Genetic Health Warranty and Microchip Registration Papers [We estimate our goldendoodles to mature at ~ 55-65#'s and 18-20" tall.]
Jan 2018
Happy new year from Marley and the Howe family!!! Marley’s face says it all❤️
Jan 2018
Today our “puppy” (previously Goldwin) is a year old.  Thought we’d share a pic.  Although we thought he’d come in around 50#, he’s a very healthy 67#.  We renamed him Darwin because he is so smart.  He was potty trained very quickly and got his AKC S.TA.R. Puppy Certificate at 5 months.  He’s had the run of our home for many months and has been a very good boy.  We are continuing his obedience training and still have hopes to make him a therapy when he’s a little more mature. Definitely very energetic!  Loves our dog park and playing in our Wisconsin snow!  We love him very much and he will of course be a forever dog to us.  

Terrie & Al Geyer
Minocqua, WI
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Bernese Mountain Price $375.00 PATROL (Male)
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Bernese Mountain Price $375.00 PADEGO (Male) RSVD for R Hightower, TN
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