February 2011

I hope all is well with you all! I just wanted to give you an update on Finley (Forest from Frito s March 2010 liter).

He is now coming up on his first birthday! He is such a joy to be around and is FULL of life! He has completed 4 obedience classes and just this past Wednesday was certified "Canine Good Citizen"! Soon, he will take the TDI test so he will be a certified therapy dog! He is so smart (and knows it) and is always trying to out smart me! He LOVES playing with other dogs and never meets a stranger; human or animal! Finley wants to shake everyone s hand. He is the most loving dog I have ever met and will sit and let any pet his beautiful red, fluffy coat for as long as they want. One of my favorite things about him, other than his sweet personality, is that he does not shed at all! Although Finley is a very active, adventurous dog, he is a wonderful companion.

I would recommend your goldendoodles for anyone that is looking to purchase a puppy.

Allison Kisor
The Futvoyes and "Percy"
Merry Christmas Joseph and Kathy. We hope Kathy is feeling better.
May God richly bless you this Christmas season as you reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful Christmas we get to spend with our new addition, "Percy". We are loving having her a part of our family!
Love, The Futvoyes
                                                        POEM: Young Pup
My wife and I decided that something was missing in our lives and that it was a dog but only if we could find the special one
So she got on the computer looking for a special breed, a golden doodle, found one in Kentucky and our journey had begun

We discovered a family that owned a kennel called “Blessed Hope Kennels” and it appeared that they had the perfect dog for us
So we packed up the car taking the items we thought we would need and headed off for what we thought would be a short trip, without much of a fuss

The trip took a lot longer than expected. Partly because of bad directions from the net and partly because we were so anxious to see if the dog was as special as they said
When we arrived and saw him we knew instantly that he was exactly what we needed. We rearranged the back seat of our car and fixed him a bed

We not only got to meet our dog, we also met the family that raised him, the Shrock family, made up of Joseph and Kathy and their seven beautiful children matching any story ever told
There was David and Sara, the two oldest that helped care for Hiedi, Kara, Benjamin, Hannah and Abigail and also helped their mom prepare for the new baby that would join the fold

We left with a new member of our family. A young puppy that we were sure would grow to be pretty tall
And an agreement between the two of us that the long trip was worth it after all

I would recommend to anyone that knows the feeling of something missing in their household to get on their computer and look Joseph and Kathy and their beautiful children up
I’m willing to bet that they will have exactly what you need, a special young pup

Doug Mooney
Joey’s dad
Lilly/Prince Litter Born 06/12/11
M Kates Goldendoodle BERKELEY

Februrary 2013

Hi! Just wanted to stop by and give you some info on Berkeley from Juliet and prince. He will be 11 weeks this Thursday and is the best dog I could have ever asked for!! He was potty trained in 4 days!!! He also has a bell on the door now and rings it when he wants to go play or potty. He can sit, shake, and play dead. It is unbelievable how smart he is!!! He loves going on walks and becoming friends with all the neighbors dogs. He is growing so fast! He would rather not be in it, but when I do have to put him in his kennel he takes a bone and is content. Thank you for giving me my baby! I love him!

From M Kate
December 2013

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU so much for all your help! We love the newest addition to our family!!  We named her Penny and she is perfect.  I am amazed at how smart she is.  She was potty trained in 4 days and has already learned to sit and give her paw.  Our experience was amazing and you and your family were so generous and welcoming. We appreciate your follow up for calling and checking on Penny.  We can see your love a dedication to these puppies. That made us feel so comfortable because we knew we could trust you.  We thank you for everything you have done and I have told all my friends about you all! I am sure you will be hearing from them because the have fallen in love with Penny too!

~ The Williams
PENNY formerly RIVERA ~ F1b Goldendoodle (Rileys Litter)
PENNY formerly RIVERA ~ F1b Goldendoodle (Rileys Litter)
Thanks! They are sooooo excited and happy.
Hunter is precious.  He seems happy, moving his tail.
We got home from the airport, gave him his food and water, then ......
Now he is taking a nap next to my kids.
Thanks again for everything.  God bless you!
Kind regards, Luciana Guzman

Your puppy will come with its' • First shots • Dewormed • Vet examination • Microchiped • CKC registration papers • You will recieve a small pak of its' puppy food, Health Record, Written 1 Yr Genetic Health Warranty and Microchip Registration Papers [We estimate our goldendoodles to mature at ~ 55-65#'s and 18-20" tall.]
Welcome to Blessed Hope Kennels !
The Naranjo's and Jewel
Feb 2014
Hello, So glad to hear from you. Jewel is the best dog that anyone could ever wish for. She is completely potty trained and very smart. I have had many different breeds of dogs, but none of them compares to her. We take her camping and she went to Myrtle Beach on Vacation with us last year. I have never had a dog with such a sweet personality. She is loved by everyone! She loves to play ug-a-war with the boys and fetch. She is truly a Jewell.

Thank You and your Family for Such a Blessing, Naranjo Family
Hello Shrock Family!!

I am so sorry that I am just now getting an update to you on Angela (Prince + Autumn - Nov 2013). We named her “Charley” and though it confuses people quite often, the name fits her to a T. We adore her!! I never knew I could love an animal as much as I love her.

She has been the BEST dog ever!! She is fully potty trained now, goes to go door when she wants to go out, waits until we tell her she can go eat her food after we set it down, etc. The real challenge has been teaching her not to pull on the leash or jump on people because she is SO very social and friendly that she wants all the love and affection she can get.
We are continually amazed at how smart she is, how well she does around children, and how quick she is to obey.
We got a car harness for her and she is a dream to take on trips and hops in the car the second we open the door.
I could go on forever about how precious she is, but I will let you look at some pictures. We had her spayed last week, and she has recovered wonderfully.

Thanks for the gift of the world’s greatest pet!! We love her dearly and she has brought so much joy and laughter to our home.
Preparing us for children one day, for sure J

Be Blessed, Erin Frizzell  |  Recruiter

What Customers are saying...

UPDATE; RIVERA (penny) May 2014

Just wanted to show you how our beautiful Penny is doing:) She is an amazing dog! She is so smart and loving!!! Wonderful addition to our family. We thank you so much for helping being her into our lives:) ~ M Williams, KY
Goldendoodle: Penny
Do you want a goldendoodle puppy that is available in the Illinois Area? Please check with Maple Valley Puppies in Illinois.
They have Apricot F1 Goldendoodles and would be happy to talk with you!
Peaches is doing wonderfully!  She has adjusted very well, she loves all of her new toys and her big backyard!  Her favorite activity right now is running in circles with our wheaten terrier and chasing leaves!  Both dogs have adjusted well, our wheaten has been THRILLED with her playmate.   She is eating very well.  The potty training is going incredibly!  She has not had ANY accidents in the house or in her crate!!! She stands and stares at the back door when she would like to go out.  It's hard to believe how seamlessly she has integrated into our family!   So thank you very very much for my precious, happy, smart puppy!
Nov 02-2014
Jan 2015

Apple arrived safe and sound! Kate and I love him! ...

Jan 2015

       Kandy now Margo has been a WONDERFUL addition to our family!  We couldn't be happier.  Margo has such a great personality, fun, loving, goofy and energetic. Our two girls just love her.

       Margo is fully house trained.  We started in a crate during night time but now she can sleep outside her crate.  We want to thank you for our wonderful Margo!  Here are a few photos of Margo.

~ The Starnes, IN
Mr. And Mrs. Shrock,        4/5/2015
We have renamed Galaxia Josie. Josie is a great puppy. She sleeps in her crate all night (7 hours). From day one, Josie liked her crate. Her potty training is going very well; she continues to have a few accidents but we have had her only 9 days and are very pleased with her progress. She is learning to walk with a leash.
Josie has been to our vet, she got a good health report, she is current on her immunizations and she has another appointment later this month for her rabies. He suggested that we consider spaying her a little prior to eight months. The time we spent in the waiting room at the vet, she was VERY well behaved even though there were other dogs present. She never barked, cowered or misbehaved in any way.
Josie is very, very gentle, very bright and loves her family. Her favorite thing is for her Mike and me to be in the room with her surrounded by her three favorite toys. Then she will nap or play. We try to schedule play times for her in the yard two times a day when she loves to run, jump and fetch. Today being Easter, we had our grown children and grandchildren for dinner after church. Some family members she had not met yet and she made up with them in no time. Josie has never been anything but loving and gentle...never.
Josie has a good appetite; we have kept her on Royal Canin and she has never begged from the table. She is a beautiful dog in every way. We are so happy that Josie chose us. She really did. She was in your portable pen with her two litter mates and she was the only puppy of the three that paid attention to us. She stood on her hind legs the whole time, tail wagging and giving kisses. Josie chose us and we know it. As I write this, she is sleeping at my husband's feet.
As you can tell, we love Josie very much. She is a beautiful companion. Thank you.

Hi Joseph & Kathy

Words cannot express how happy and blessed we are with Bryton. You all produce wonderful companions. We got married on 8/2/15 and had Bryton come to the wedding. Wanted to share this picture with you all. Hope all is well!

With love,
Anthony & Asheton Bider
Aug 2015

Hi Shrock Family!   We just wanted to give a quick update on Gretchen (formerly Kaytee). She is getting so big...already 14 lbs! She has developed quite the personality and is such a delight to have around. She's been very quick to learn house manners - she rings the bells to go outside and has learned basic sit and stay commands all in her first month at home! We plan to start our puppy obedience classes this coming weekend.

We absolutely adore her and her goofy antics. Thank you so much for all the work you put into her first few weeks of life. She's growing up to be a beautiful, healthy pup and we're so excited to have her as a part of our family!

Best, Chelsea and Paul
Gretchen (formerly Kaytee)
March 2016

Hi Shrock family!    Jambalaya, now Sophia is doing great! Charlie our 10 month old that we got from you guys now weighs 56 pounds and is nothing but pure love. They both were pretty much potty trained when we got them home. Charlie is great with Sophia, he's so gentle! Everyone stops us anywhere we go with the two. Charlie graduated from training at petsmart a week ago, and we just registered Sophia's microchip!
Thank you guys so much!.              The Joerger's
May 2016

This puppy loves to fly and we can literally take him anywhere. He is one happy puppy and we are still so thankful for him.

-Flagg Family
F1 Goldendoodle Price $1275 Raphard (Male) RSVD for Philip R
F1 Goldendoodle Price $1275 Raphard (Male) RSVD for Philip R
F1 Goldendoodle Price $1275 Raymond (Male) RSVD for J Hudnall
F1 Goldendoodle Price $1275 Raymond (Male) RSVD for J Hudnall
We are selling this below litter for our friends...

PARENTS  Dam: Ruby (Std Poodle)  Sire: Basil (Gld Retriever)
Litter Born April 8th 2017
3 Males
Expected size at maturity: 60-65lbs 
($250 Deposit to Reserve) Balance due upon pickup!
Ready to go to their new homes by June 27th!
(No CKC papers included)
F1 Goldendoodle Price $1275 Reuben (Male)
F1 Goldendoodle Price $1275 Reuben (Male)
I am Available and $150 Off!
REUBEN (male) 1275 - 150 = $1125.00
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